Site last updated: 19 April 2018

Welcome to the home of the 12th Boardgame Players Association War at Sea play-by-email (PBEM) tournament.
The latest news regarding the tournament is shown below.


KNOCKOUT STAGE UNDERWAY: The fifth and final Swiss round of the tournament has now concluded, and the Knockout Stage is underway:

  • Jonathan Lockwood (50 points, #1) and Mike Brophy (40 points, #2) have earned byes through to the semifinals. (Mike and Tim Tow finished with identical Swiss records - same strength of schedule, same number of wins and Axis wins, same everything - and so could only be separated by the final tiebreaker, a roll of the die!)
  • Tim Tow (40 points, #3) is playing Mike Pacheco (40 points, #6) in one quarterfinal: Mike bid 2.0 POC to play the Allies, and Tim is playing the Axis.
  • The other quarterfinal is finished: Karl Bodenheimer (40 points, #5) also bid 2.0 POC to play the Allies against Don Greenwood (40 points, #4), and Karl defeated Don in a game that went the full 8 turns. Here's Karl's mini-AAR:

    Axis won the Barents on T2 doing good damage to the allies, but losing 4 ships in the process. U-boats disabled a convoy once, but then let it through later with 3 damage.


    Axis still had chances but a dismal T7 battle result in the Barents left one convoy to go through to Russia, and the last one doing a rare port in Britain to leave the Allies up by 5 after the bid before T8. T8 desperation moves were then unsuccessful.


    Don commented that Bismarck must have been made with magnets as 5 of 6 airstrikes struck home (combats, in port to repair). Airstrikes definitely a big factor in Allies win. Not to mention getting both 357s in the first combat on T2.  Fun game, could have gone either way based on just a couple of rolls.

    If Tow defeats Pacheco in the other quarterfinal, the semifinal matchups will be Bodenheimer vs. Lockwood and Tow vs. Brophy, while if Pacheco defeats Tow, it'll be Bodenheimer vs. Brophy and Pacheco vs. Lockwood. Stay tuned for more Knockout Stage news!

If you would like to enter the tournament, sorry - it's too late this time. But if you're interested in participating in future such tournaments, email the GM anyway. All entrants are required to be members of the Boardgame Players Association - see the BPA website for details about joining. (For a history of previous BPA War at Sea tournaments, click here.)


The tournament format consists of five Swiss rounds, from which the top six players will qualify for a three-round elimination stage. (The top two players in the standings will receive byes directly to the semifinals.) For more information about the tournament format and other rules and guidelines, click on the relevant links at the top of the page.

AFTER ACTION REPORTS ENCOURAGED: Note that we will endeavor to include any postgame recaps you wish to provide on the website, giving them their own unique webpages and including as many pictures (within reason) and as much text as you want. So please think about this as your games proceed - we'd love to document as much of the tournament action as possible!